Roller Blading

It starts with a slow roll
As soft music oozes its tune.

With a swoosh,
gliding and the rhythm synchronize;
The body swaying in appreciation.

I am soon lost in this dreamy world of grace;
A place where poise and elegance meet.

The soft beat quickens,
Increasing speed with new pulse,
As wheels ‘eat’ concrete in earnest.

Leaning round the bend,
Faith keeps me on course
And music adds to joy.

The thrill of this experience reminds me that life is full of possibilities,
Each of which is laced with risk.

Some options can be taken now,
Others need a little more learning;
But every effort is worth something.

The music softens
And wheels slow.

Sweat trickles down
As I take a seat.

That’s another beautiful evening gone.


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