A heavy head with a running nose wobble about my neck as I rise from the desk.

It has been a heavy day at work and catching the flu doesn’t make things rosy.

I would have to be in the office till late, but intuition bids me to call at the house – if only for a short while.

My wife took a working trip and the point in making a non-essential trip to an empty house does not look sound.

Well, I end up at the doorstep and decide that I would justify my presence here by taking a nap. The warming scent of home hits me as I open the door. In an instant, my head clears.

The effect leaves me stunned.

A steady head head and wide open nostrils express their gratitude for being relieved from erstwhile distress.

I know home to be a place of comfort, a hideout of refuge when work and the cares of life threaten to break their banks, for there lies the smile of a loving wife, a brightness that glows on even when she is away.

Today, I’ve learned that home is a place of healing too – and I am grateful.


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