A true mark of selflessness.

Accolade and title, he bore, yet never was blind to the plight of the ‘mouse’.The lowly man’s joy was his.

For a long time I wondered who he is. His strong resemblance to one of my grandfathers was not just in bodily appearance, but even in the car he drove.

I never knew I would be a part of his family but in knowing Lorraine, my love, I was shocked to be introduced to Babu as his new grandson.

We never had long conversations for we both bore a quiet demeanour. Silent smiles and one off words quite describe our relationship.

I’m glad I knew Babu. Through him I saw that impact doesn’t have to come in being loud; even silence touches hearts beyond what souls could know.

Doesn’t this make me smile? It sure does.

He led, and knew when to step down. He was exceptional.

My desire is to impact, just as he did…and to lead my family as he led his.

Farewell Babu!


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  1. Posted by Furaha ya Izzoh on September 5, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    Finding someone you can connect to, who identifies your with your character and the uniqueness of your personality is the best thing that can happen to you. It’s like you got identity you know you are safe with them. Fare the well great wise man. In Christ, it is well with your souls Pete.


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