Warmth Sets In

02/08/2012, 09:37 pm.

She would wear red woolen socks to keep out the cold, and a heavy sweater to go with it. The July conditions in the city went beyond what she could tolerate. Those were the last days I had spent with her.

It occurs to me that the memory of this, is what makes me shudder about Mum’s death. It was a cold August day when I was escorted to the morgue, along some of my siblings and cousins. There she lay, without her socks and without the sweater. The shiver of cold has lived on in me these three years.

Her, being alone in that ward room when the hour had come, has ever made me cringe for I have wondered if she’d needed a hand to hold or a voice, just to get the room warm.

I have cried, silently, and beaten myself but I got relief tonight.

“When you pass through the waters,” says the Lord in Scripture, “I will be with you for I am the LORD, your God.”

Sir Fredrick Treves, an eminent surgeon, says ‘…There may appear to be a terrible struggle at the end, but of this struggle the subject is unconscious. It is the onlooker who bears the misery of it.’

The dying person has her senses fading and is not conscious of what I, the onlooker, considers a struggle.

Death, is a transition from one phase of life into another. In His love, God has taken care of my fears and worries about it.

If I fear its physical act, the senses are not conscious of it; if I fear its finality, it happens not to be an end, but a new beginning – a beginning of rest in Him as I await the future events to unfold. If I fear judgement, He has reassured me that He is my Advocate as I surrender my being to Him.

Mum did not go in all the misery I have imagined…when she was passing through the waters, the Lord was with her for He is the LORD her God.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Joy isaiah on August 11, 2012 at 1:10 am

    Oh yes this is the surety we have in Christ that he was raised from the dead so are all who die in him, glory be to God on high, the Holy Spirit our comforter


  2. 🙂 Amen…


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