Bud Thorn and Stem

Close your eyes and shut out the world. Let the rising fragrance of the roses in the garden light gently on your nose. Isn’t it beautiful? Love is a beautiful world. If you let it wash over you, it brings refreshing and buoys away the burdensome rocks that life will keep piling about your shoulders. Love will plant wings on your back to carry you to shores afar, and the best thing it will tell and show you, is that you are complete.

When I take a look at the rose in the garden, that bud sitting atop the thorny stem tells me a lot. Beauty comes with many lessons to learn, and with these there is a price to pay. I have learnt that I cannot make a grab at the flower stalk because that would spoil the petals and leave my nose empty of its pleasure. The stem too, full of thorns, will not hesitate to offer a shredding to my offending hand. I have to reach out and grasp with caution, lending gentleness for my very own sake.

She is my friend, the best I have had and the best I could have. With her I walk and marvel at all that life can bring. The beauty of love is as young petals unfurling before us. We are growing together and are seeing each other get transformed. None of us is the same person he was at the beginning of the journey. This has not come without pain; many are the times I have blindly made a grab at the stem.

Walking in a rose garden isn’t a journey only filled with goodness; the wind will blow that stem sometimes, so that it will rub itself across the hiker’s skin. That is a painful affair but the tears are later replaced with joy and laughter. She will point out things that, in my eyes, taint the good person I feel  she ought to see in me; I will cringe and rage within for a while, but a light that shines somewhere inside, will make the hard words glow. These keep throwing a light to the vision of the new person I could be, and I realize I will be better than the man I am when I hold correction in contempt.

I will tell you this for free, my friend; let love take you and carry you. Let its current sweep you and its waves drench you, but you must first make sure that the water is safe. Do this by telling God about that love, and then delight in Him. He has laid a promise for those who do this – He grants the desires of his heart, him who delights in Him. The stem has thorns and is hard to hold, but the flower is beautiful and its fragrance is salve to a dying nose.


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