Two people come together, to share their lives but something soon comes in between. For a time they cannot place a finger on the cause, but all seems rosy except for this one thing: beauty is hindered by a piercing elusive to them. Touching a porcupine will let you know what his coat is made of – if your eyes cannot tell you as much.

The critter sneaks its way, nosing the ground, nibbling here and there at invisible things. His coat, though a mass of quills, does not cloud his cute face. “Quite cuddly”, muses the silent observer, “why turn such beauty into a prickly mess?” If you stretch forth your hand to touch him, you will see why.

In wanting the best for her man, a lady may make this suggestion and that one too. Soon, another seems a worthy condiment to add to the broth, and won’t that other one on the other matter complement the adjustment made yesterday? The poor chap probably cannot put two and two together and that leaves them lying side by side to make twenty-two – which is awfully wrong!

Love is a worthy tool for it covers a multitude of sins. It does not simply whitewash an ugly wall, but brings out the best in those it is given to. It is a cake that contains one ingredient amiss in many others; affirmation. This adds flavour to bring life to deadness, and bonds the cracks in the wall onto which it is applied. The wall of false confidence is such one; it is as a beautiful coat covered in quills. It wards off any touch for fear of its weakness being found out. It seeks to protect itself because it cannot endure reproach.

I very well understand the place of affirmation, especially when the desire to love and be loved comes in. It is not long since it left me hollow and cold but thankfully, a later time brought another spark which built a fire that warmed me up. She came into my life and brought out the good I had inside. My hand is ever held in hers and I’m shown that life is beautiful; there comes sunshine after rain, and even though I fall I am able to rise up again.

Take time to affirm someone today and you will count so many who have a smile in their hearts.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by joy on June 30, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Am happy for u buddy. This sounds to me like an explanation of 2cor13 (Principles of love chapter.) Anyway we all learn from past mistakes n as they say experience is the best teacher. All the best dude!


    • Thanks a heaps 😉 I’m loving the journey and each day helps me appreciate all the lessons I have learnt – and still am learning.


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