The Final Nail

Look at him; he was finally getting the obelisk off the ground. For a time he had heaved, willing the rock to stand up straight, all to no avail. The strain of muscle was evident and its sheer pleasure consumed him. He may have felt weak at one point but new strength coursed his veins, strength from the thrill of accomplishment. He pushed once and pushed some more, there was but a tiny angle left and the monument would be standing erect; but as he gave a final shove, there came a slip and his prize crushed to the ground with a dull thud.

A man’s life is a forward march. He is equipped to fight adversity and make the path clear for those who come from behind him – his honour is very important. Is it a wonder that where he fails, he will keep trying until he gets it right? For this he may be well appreciated but the same principle on another front, is bound to be frowned upon. These tempests, however, are what will make him if he will choose to carry the lesson, and they will break him if he considers it a lost battle that is yet to be settled through desperate means.

Desire had previously driven him to take her out for lunch. The odds seemed to be against him at the time, but she had accepted his offer and for a time the fair went well. Fate, however, had it that his ship should dive to the bottom at the peak of the experience. Is not toddling all about tottering at the first steps then getting better at the exercise with the passing of time? He viewed matters so, and though he had experienced a form of failure saw no harm in taking his bid a notch higher this time.

When we approach contentions with half the cards on the table and the other half tucked in the seat pocket, we have a reason to be afraid. He thought it wise to let the bird out of the cage. This way, she would understand that the excursions to cafeterias at the noon-time were not vain ventures but were an exercise with an agenda at the tip of the pole. A gentleman may have a better way of expressing this. I know.

That blessed day of the week came, and he took advantage of its serenity to express his true longing. Just before the start of the Sunday fellowship, he called her aside and asked to have a moment afterwards to express something. She consented – another victory. Could anything then stop Napoleon and his horse from keeping on the forward march? His moment came and as in a former instant, his mouth just about ran dry but like a tap once not issuing water but whose tank suddenly decided to allow a flow, the words came out in spatters. He was surprised that he had managed to let out what had bothered him all along. “What exactly do you mean?” she then asked. “I have known you for quite a while and long to know you more. I ask you to be my girlfriend for you possess so much virtue that I admire and would love to share in” he ventured. Shock had written all over her face but with grace and a smile, she had asked him to give her time to ponder over the matter. He wondered at her reaction but chose to wait.

Four days later saw them take a walk in the evening. It was not a kind of date where one person picked the other, and the air was saturated with the scent of petunias – the rope was taut from the very start. She asked him to repeat the declaration he had made earlier. “Before you get out on certain ventures, Peter, it would be wise to do your homework and know who the person is about. Clearly, you do not know me and know very little concerning me. I am in another relationship, and thus your request cannot be”. The revelation was like a socking about his tummy, and he audibly gasped for breath, for in his life. He had not seen her in a situation that would have suggested this new fact.

The gentle nature of the person he thought he knew had fled and suddenly the pool he was swimming in was not to his liking. It occurred to him that he had taken more bone than he could chew. However, for this matter he had done a kneeling, and a fruit was thus come. Grace did come from above and true acceptance flooded in. “I wanted to express myself to you and hear what you would have to say. The people I shared this matter with did not know that truth too or at least did not reveal to me that you are seeing someone. You are a woman of grace, and I am glad that though my desire cannot come through, I still have a good friend in you”. There was a gentle manner in the following moments but a sudden downpour drenched them both. That made his spirits sag.

He got to his room, downcast in a sense but with a sense of peace. He could not understand his feelings at that moment. That she now knew how he had felt towards her was a consolation. He no longer had hidden longings because all had been laid on the table. That gave him peace. He did not turn on the lights but simply cast off his wet clothes, dumping them on the floor, and tearfully went to bed. He had struggled but now the battle was done. He let the obelisk be.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lizdin on April 17, 2011 at 11:41 am

    ouch, ouch, ouch! not-so-ouch “he let the obelisk be”


  2. Posted by Lorraine on April 18, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    whoa! what a story…at sm point you both must av had a kneeling… every good n perfect gift surely comes from above with an element of peace.


  3. Posted by furaha ya izzoh on April 21, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    What a story. I think it’s beta u askd 1st b4 takin things too far, that was wise. Losing one doesn’t mean all is lost. Cast ua net wider n u’ll avail 2 smthn bt always consider ua goals + compatibility. God is still faithful even wen things don’t add up. SHALOM


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