His Life

A drop of dew is as gold to parched land. The desert floor comes alive and none Solomon’s garb could match the beauty. Petals unfurl and the leaves spread as open palms, soaking in the sun to get about a baking the food, science tell us the leaves make. Dew brings hope of rain and better days ahead. The ants, the crickets and the chirpy gang are not left out. There is dancing and there is rejoicing. There is newness about and the brownness that was the horizon is a thing of the past. All is green and wet and is such a beauty to behold.

The scenery leaves no better way to describe his life. The days past are well-remembered and tag a smile about his lips. Sunrise would make him grunt for if it weren’t for the little cafe down the street, only the hastily prepared cup of coffee got his body fuelled up for daybreak. There were times of course when reason would convince him to do an egg and probably get some bread slices to celebrate the rising of the sun.

She may be a simple creature, two-legged just as he is, and probably bears a more fragile frame but a drop of water and a grain of sand compare the same. He stands tall and bears out his muscles; he may be unkind at times and seek to crush her core but the truth remains embedded in his heart – he needs her.

She comes into his life and things just cannot be the same again. He never cared much about what lay around him but the den soon bears shape. The musty smell of things unwashed goes away because her fragile senses will not take strength of odour and the trademark unkempt nature has to disappear for the rough side of neatness is sure to scare away the charm. He will make many attempts at order and will succeed in many fronts but failure too will take its seat.

The earth may struggle to do much for itself with dew but rain comes to set all at rest. The rain will break dormant seed in the ground and help it grow, the dust will settle to provide much soil to hold the plants. Yes, she comes in and brings more lasting order. In all truth, his existence depends on her just so that he remains sane.

As every being may have a soft underside beneath a hard back, so is a man. When the battles are won and the enemy is subdued, he needs assurance for tomorrow and warm broth for his tummy; he needs someone to be tender towards him and give him reason to fight another battle.

We may not say it out loud or act in ways that show it outright, but we love and appreciate you all, our dear ladies.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Evans on March 21, 2011 at 11:01 am

    …a reason to fight another battle. Well said.


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