The Stork

It had been a long ride to the lake. I put the bike on its stand and sat on the cross-bar, looking across the expanse of water. The lapping waves and the rippled surface had my attention, taking me to an open world; a world where things rocked and swayed about but still remained calm. The breeze was welcome and my feet needed rest. It was all I could care.

Something caught my attention but I couldn’t tell what. ”Grishens!” I thought, ”won’t that come off?” a stork struggled to get good balance on the bow of the boat moored in front of me. One foot looked dead and dangled like chimes hang off a ceiling. He wasn’t doing badly though. He flew off and any thought of him faded.

A mass of white fluttered by, disturbing my reverie, and rested on this boat’s bow. ”What is it with this spot?” my mind began but…”YAY! It’s the same bird” . Keen observation revealed that the dangling leg was held by sisal string to the stump. This fellow must have been rescued by the boat owner when his leg had broken. Why else would this boat be his spot?

Reflecting on myself, I felt the bird’s circumstance speak to me. Life has had its tumultuous moments that have left me broken limbed. Question is, how have I handled it? Let me call my dear subject, Storky. Storky’s leg had been held together but the rigors of flight, and other movement, loosed the thread. The broken part then simply dangled. This piece was still needed, to help him balance. Did he complain of improper knots and a dangling dead limb for a foot? Did he feel that his helper did not do a good job and hanging about his boat was of no use? By his beak I have no answer but his action utters books.

I have a Lord who has called me to Himself and who has offered to mend and heal my broken self. Some mending may come loose at times; maybe a recurrence of heart-break or a setback when the cruise was all promise. Will I complain on the quality of mending and whine about suffering? Will I shut God out because things don’t seem to work out?

Storky comes back to this boat for, again, it just may be where he will get a hand out. One thing is sure this is the place his foot will be mended again if at all. Maybe better, this time. Won’t his helper notice the fault?

True to say, unless I remain fixed on God and strive to keep on in a relationship with Him, I cannot be repaired . Storky knows where his help comes from and there he abides, do I?


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  1. Posted by Leshan on November 26, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Great inspirational piece… I sure id with storky, and i sometimes stil have to convince myself that ‘i need more mending here’ bt patience fails at times. We kind of always want a one-touch-fix it all situation…lyf teaches us o’wise.


    • You want to be the best in front of your Father, every boy wants to, but the moulding seems to take forever- and not much to the standard you want. Opening up to God honestly and ‘discussing’ this with Him will open you to a lot of His wisdom and plan for you. Let the accuser dance all he will, but know God holds you in high esteem. You’re blessed 🙂


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