The Beginning

In the beginning, the earth was formless and void and was in darkness. Only God’s spirit hovered over it. He spoke, saying, ”Let…” and whatever was called out came to be. Six days begun with this word and all creation sprung at His call. The seventh ‘Let’  was a different one for it was a decision to make; not to call forth. Thus, man was.

I’m a man of deep longings, strong desires well within me. For a time I lived looking at my dreams. In true sense, watched them pass. Feeling and desire commanded me to make a grab of them, but who in his right mind would seek to hold onto something virtual and passing? Isn’t a dream, a creation of the mind? No, I won’t flail my arms and risk to bear the title ‘fool’. Are not the eyes of life watching and the mouth thereof at hand to issue its laughter? No, I won’t reach out for those dreams.  I will let them pass but I will dream some more, so that my basket will not run dry.

Beams stand erect, some lie horizontally; others criss-cross in diagonal streaks, making beautiful patterns for the artist’s eye and drawing gasps from an awestruck babe. These rise above the sand, towering the lapping waves. Though they give shade to a family of bugs and sometimes a perch for a tired gull, they must come down at one point. This, so that the ship encapsulated in their embrace may launch and set sail. Could the vessel ever grab the waves or the sails trap wind if these still held?

With that, I’m letting these structures fall apart. I am swaying with the swing of time’s pendulum. Swinging to time ahead. Time that tells me that everything holding me back has to go. No longer should I allow my dreams to float by. As wind is to a sail or as spurs are to the flanks of a still horse, so must my dreams be to my purpose. Let it be that there was a man who woke from slumber and set out to touch the hearts of men. Let many give glory to the Father above, for creating such a vessel of honour.

A stirring in my heart goaded me, ”Peter, pick a pen” and this I have done. All was formless and void and dark but the beginning of a matter is as a light; a light that gives sight to ignorance on one’s deep calling. It gives confidence and spurs one on, onto a path he ought to have started charting yesterday.


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